⚡️ Product Design Primer Kit

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Everything you need to start your product design career, neatly organized in Notion.

What's inside:

⚡️ Roadmap

⚡️ 90+ lessons — Hand-picked articles, videos, resources

⚡️ Design Process — Design thinking, UX Design process & steps

⚡️ Designer Profile — Website, Resume, Linkedin, Twitter accounts link.

⚡️ Practice — Homeworks to do to build your first design portfolio

⚡️ Influencers — Best designers to know, learn and get inspired by them

⚡️ Build Portfolio

⚡️ Career Advices — tips and things to know for apply, interview and get your first job

⚡️ Tools — All tools you need for your career

⚡️ Challenges — Design challenges you can participate on

⚡️ Inspiration — Websites & Platforms to get inspired by them

⚡️ Assets/Kits

⚡️ Books — List of best books to read

⚡️ Watchlist — List of best videos to watch

⚡️ Reading List — Best 180+ articles to read

This Primer Kit is perfect for:

  • Beginners & Students — Create your first portfolio is hard enough, someone did it before and you can get inspired from their process and approaches.

There are thousands of resources out there, most of them are not useful & practical,

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$199 $49

⚡️ Product Design Primer Kit

0 ratings
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